R.L. Akers' conflicted detective Gray Gaynes returns in book 2 of the murder mystery series that bears his name:

GRAY AREA: The Case of the Hellhound Homicide

When officers answer a 911 call at a high-rise office building, it's immediately clear that a crime has occurred. Gallons of blood soak the walls and carpet of a posh corner office... and yet there's no body. What's more, the security system makes abundantly clear that no one came or went from the room after the apparent victim's arrival earlier that day. With the smell of brimstone lingering on the air, and gouges clawed in the floor and furniture, it almost seems possible that a creature out of myth was responsible for the horrific event.

But the detective on the case doesn't believe in myths. He believes in facts, and he will not rest until all the facts fit together, forming a cohesive picture of this tragedy. And yet, with the added distraction of the challenges he continues to face personally, this case may ultimately get the better of him.

Meet Gray Gaynes: a brilliant investigator, but also a man deeply wounded by his own personal tragedy... A man willing to go to great lengths to hide the truth of the irrevocable changes he is undergoing.

Gray Area is on sale now, along Gray's original mystery, Gray Tones.
Gray's next adventure, Old Gray, is available for pre-order!

An all-new contribution to the lore surrounding everyone's favorite lost city...

R.L. Akers'
ATLANTIS: Twilight of Mankind

In a time before recorded history, most of humankind lives in close proximity to a single magnificent City located on the Isle of Atalas. Ruled directly by a Pantholon of twenty-three gods, society remains in a pre-industrialized state, but great strides have been made in the realms of engineering and genetics.

In pursuit of absolute power, one of the four ruling members of the Pantholon sends his demigod son D'Akaio on a series of missions designed to undermine his rivals; as D'Akaio's fame grows among the common people, so too do the stories told about him (eventually becoming the very legends that informed Norse, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman mythology).

Meanwhile, D'Akaio's half-sister Adana launches her own private war against the Pantholon, working with an underground resistance movement to quietly rescue the women and children who are scheduled for sacrifice before the gods.

Events build toward a confrontation between brother and sister, even as the City and its depraved society speed toward prophesied doom.

You've seen the big-budget summer action flicks. You've read the books, maybe played the video games. You've heard all the conspiracy theories. But this is the real world, the present day. If the unthinkable happened, if we faced an actual, verifiable threat from outside our planet...

What would we do?
R.L. Akers' GRYPHENS Saga tells that tale.

Blending military thriller and science fiction – with an emphasis on the science – new author R.L. Akers produces a well-crafted story peopled by characters you'll grow to love and hate. When the threat from outer space becomes known, the U.S. government is caught unprepared. With time running out, the military must adapt to an entirely new variety of warfare. Pilots and soldiers must be recruited, trained, and deployed to defensive installations in orbit above North America, and technology must take a giant leap forward – with considerable assistance from a surprising source.

But there are those who would halt these preparations: mercenaries and even traitors within the ranks. What motivates them to betray their world is unknown, but they will stop at nothing to prevent the newest branch of United States military from fulfilling its mandate.

From the shadows of rural England to the bowels of Area 51's Groom Lake installation, from the most remote corner of our planet to geosynchronous orbit thousands of miles above, the Gryphens Saga comprises a single well-researched and believable story about humanity's real-world response to the threat of alien invasion. You won't want to put these books down!

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